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Is your Cabo art collection ready for hurricane season?

Hurricane Odile swept through our area on September 14th, 2014 leaving our community a shell of it’s former self. As we drove around on the 3rd day after the storm witnessing the devastation, we were sure our season was over, not just us- but for everyone that counts on the tourists and flocks of snowbirds that call Los Cabos their second home. Hotels and homes were destroyed. Los Cabos had a lot of healing to do.

As soon as we had power and various forms of communication the emails started to come in and the telephone began to ring- homeowners and past clients contacting us, asking us to help salvage their art that was left in various stages of disrepair. We immediately went into action. Going into homes, pulling out all the art we could find, cataloguing and inventorying the art for the homeowners, but also for the inevitable insurance claims that were down the road for all of our clients. At one point we had over 200 works of art in storage at the gallery!!

Pete listing, cataloging and diagnosing art after Odile Storm, Sept. 2014
Pete listing, cataloging and diagnosing art after Odile Storm, Sept. 2014

I have to say, there were some definite silver linings to some of the art stories. Pieces that were put aside as total losses, were brought back to life! We have lots of success stories of art that we opened up, dried out, mold and mildew carefully removed, holes patched, color-matched, reframed and sent back to the clients in amazing shape. We are very proud of that!

Now we, as home owners and business owners in Los Cabos, hope that we NEVER have another Odile (the thought sends chills down my spine actually), but after having experienced a storm like that and the aftermath we now have proved, through our own experience in the gallery how best to protect our art and how to pack it properly for the summer months, so that just in case we have another big one, the damage to all of these unique works of art would be minimal and most likely remain completely safe.

We have been asked these last 2 summer seasons, to go into our clients’ homes and “summerize” their works of art- removing them from the walls, packing and stacking their art safely in the most safe room or rooms in the home, making sure that the works of art can still breathe, but will have little chance of water damage, making sure the pieces are off of the ground and protected.

art is off the ground at least 2 inches.
Make sure art is off the ground at least 2 inches.

And we are happy to do this for you! Just send us an emailand we can arrange a time to go by your home with you or your property manager to assess the home and the art, and to let you know what we think is necessary for us to do to protect your artworks.

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