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Galeria de Ida Victoria boasts a wide and impressive range of styles, techniques and sizes of art, from small & intimate works to extremely large pieces that suit every budget, taste and space. Ida and staff are available for private consultations to help place your new and existing art pieces, as well as to work with you and/or your designer to acquire and install new works of art to suit your style and décor. Ida and her staff will come to your space with a digital camera & a tape measurer in hand, in order to prepare a customised portfolio- digitally placing the art in your home or office to help you visualise the potential of art in your spaces. Please contact us for more information on consultations and on the installation of your existing and/or new works of art.


Galeria de Ida Victoria takes advantage of all the talent we have in the gallery by organizing events for our clients, patrons, art enthusiasts & artists of all levels. These events range from hands-on 3 day workshops given by our artists in various mediums held in the gallery to evening Power-point presentations and lectures over wine and hors d’oeuvres given by our artists describing their careers and techniques and can include demos. We also bring outside talent in for lectures on current art trends and art history. To be included in the announce


Galeria de Ida Victoria’s space is a perfect choice for your special event- from evening cocktail receptions to corporate gatherings, this unique space easily accommodates up to 60 guests. Conveniently located just 2 blocks from the main square, the space has a terrace that overlooks the San José arroyo and the surrounding mountains and there is an enclosed courtyard with a kitchen attached- accessible for catering. During high season exhibitions change often and the rotating collection of contemporary art creates a perfect atmosphere for a colorful evening event in downtown, adding creative originality to any function. Please contact us to book your private event


Can’t find that perfect piece? No worries, commission one! It’s difficult to find the perfect piece of art for a specific space serendipitously. Let us help to narrow down what artist may be perfect for your specific project by listening and getting a feel of what you are looking for. Our knowledge of our artists’ work combined with our ability to speak in a certain visual vocabulary helps us to work as “translator” between artist and client. We will help define the parameters of the project, work out details, ask questions and gather as much reference and information to give to the artist. The more the artist has to work with and the more clear the concept, color and subject, the better chance of happiness all around! The gallery will also handle the least romantic parts of the process as well- defining budget, size and other technicals, such as payment schedule and making sure the sketches are complete and approved by you, the client. Our job is to make sure that any questions or concerns by either party are answered sufficiently. The gallery’s job is to be an advocate for both the client and the artist and to have their hand in the process from beginning to end to ensure a successful commission.


Give the unique gift of an original work of art! $500usd gift coins are available for purchase. For more information please contact the gallery.

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