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Valérian aka Valé is a French artist living in Mexico, his preferred style, among others, is stencil. Passionate about art since he was young, Valé began acrylic painting and his first exhibition at the age of eight.

The stencil, a technique that came from street-art, is in his works transplanted from the street to the galleries with the intention of creating awareness on topics such as social and cultural differences and the world in general
 He began this collection about Mexico upon his return to the Federal District. Since her first arrival in January 2013, she had fallen in love with the country, its people, its cultures and its landscapes. 

Being back in the country, which was in a very strong social and political crisis, pushed him to take up the aerosols and start a series of critical works, recounting the current situation in Mexico.

From there came this collection named "Dear Mexico", composed of works on newspapers, with the purpose of telling stories, raising awareness and supporting the Mexican people, so nationalist and lover of their country, in their search for justice, peace and freedom. 

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